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Pre-Release 6.1.0pre1

Greg Wilkins-5

Jetty pre-release 6.1.0pre1 is now available via

6.1.x is the development series of Jetty and contains many new features that
are now ready for some serious testing:

 + New hot deployer!
 + JBoss integration.
 + AJP connector
 + SSL Engine connector (non-blocking!)
 + Grizzly connector
 + cometd implementation

There are also some valuable bug fixes and optimizations in this release.
Also the beginnings of an async HTTP client API.

    + Use ContextDeployer as main deployer in jetty.xml
    + Added extras/jboss
    + Major refactor of SelectChannel EndPoint for client selector
    + Fixed NPE in bio.SocketEndPoint.getRemoteAddr()
    + Reverted UnixCrypt to use coersions (that effected results)
    + JETTY-151 Idle timeout only applies to blocking operations
    + alternate optimizations of writer (use -Dbuffer.writers=true)
    + JETTY-171 Fixed filter mapping
    + JETTY-172 use getName() instead of toString
    + JETTY-173 restore servletpath after dispatch
    + release resource lookup in Default servlet
    + Simplified ResourceCache and Default servlet
    + Added override descriptor for deployment of RO webapps
    + Added hierarchical destroy of mbeans
    + JETTY-151 refactored writers

Note that we are now using codehaus for our download repository and
for our maven repository: 

thanks codehaus folks!

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