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Maven2 plugin - new features

For those that are interested:

A new snapshot 20060215.095015-22 has been pushed to the mortbay repository.

It is a significant refactoring of the plugin implementation which is intended
to allow the jetty5 plugin from the mojo project at codehaus to share the same
functionality. More on that in a later post.

Most importantly, the snapshot supports 2 new goals and some new configuration

The goals are now:

 jetty6:run-war       *new*
 jetty6:run-exploded  *new*

The "run-war" goal will first assemble your webapp into a war and then deploy it
to jetty6. This is useful if your webapp is complex to build and executing the
"compile" phase isn't sufficient. As with the "run" goal, you can specify a
scan interval to keep Jetty watching the pom.xml and war file for changes and
automatically redeploy it if changes are detected (eg if you execute mvn
war:war in a different window).

The "run-exploded" goal will assembled your webapp into its exploded form and
deploy it to jetty6. As with the "run" goal, you can specify a scan interval to
keep jetty watching WEB-INF and your pom.xml and automatically redeploy if changes
are detected.

The plugin now also supports the optional configuration parameter <jettyConfig/>
which is the location of a jetty.xml file. This file will be applied to jetty
*before* any plugin configuration. You can use the jetty.xml file to configure
any additional jetty objects: connectors, realms, handlers, webapps etc. This
is useful, for example, if you have a static webapp which is not part of your
maven build but you need deployed to test.

The documentation on the jetty6 plugin website has not yet been updated, but
I'm working on it. In the meantime, I'd appreciate any feedback from the list
about the new snapshot.


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