Just Released: Jetty 7.6.9.v20130131

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Just Released: Jetty 7.6.9.v20130131

Joakim Erdfelt-9
The Eclipse Jetty Project team is proud to announce the release of 

        Jetty 7.6.9.v20130131

The Java Web Server with support for SPDY and WebSocket.

Distributions Available at http://download.eclipse.org/jetty/

Java Artifacts Available on Maven Central:


Jetty 7.x Features:
 + Java 1.5 Compatible
 + Servlet API 2.5
 + JSP 2.1
 + SPDY/3
 + WebSocket (RFC-6455)

Changelog for Jetty 7.6.9.v20130131

jetty-7.6.9.v20130131 - 31 January 2013 + 362226 HttpConnection "wait" call causes thread resource exhaustion + 367638 throw exception for excess form keys + 381521 Only set Vary header when content could be compressed + 382237 support non java JSON classes + 391248 fixing localhost checking in statistics servlet + 391249 fix for invalid XML node dispatchedTimeMean in statistics servlet + 391345 fix missing br tag in statistics servlet + 391623 Add option to --stop to wait for target jetty to stop + 392417 Prevent Cookie parsing interpreting unicode chars + 392492 expect headers only examined for requests>=HTTP/1.1 + 393075 1xx 204 and 304 ignore all headers suggesting content + 393220 remove dead code from ServletHandler and log ServletExceptions in warn instead of debug + 393947 additional tests + 393968 fix typo in javadoc + 394514 Preserve URI parameters in sendRedirect + 394541 remove continuation jar from distro, add as dep to test-jetty-webapp + 394719 remove regex from classpath matching + 394811 Make JAASLoginService log login failures to DEBUG instead of WARN. Same for some other exceptions. + 394829 Session can not be restored after SessionManager.setIdleSavePeriod has saved the session + 394839 Allow multipart mime with no boundary + 395215 Multipart mime with just LF and no CRLF + 395380 add ValidUrlRule to jetty-rewrite + 395394 allow logging from boot classloader + 396459 Log specific message for empty request body for multipart mime requests + 396500 HttpClient Exchange takes forever to complete when less content sent than Content-Length + 396574 add JETTY_HOME as a location for pid to be found + 396886 MultiPartFilter strips bad escaping on filename="..." + 397110 Accept %uXXXX encodings in URIs + 397111 Tolerate empty or excessive whitespace preceeding MultiParts + 397112 Requests with byte-range throws NPE if requested file has no mimetype (eg no file extension) + 397130 maxFormContentSize set in jetty.xml is ignored + 397190 improve ValidUrlRule to iterate on codepoints + 397321 Wrong condition in default start.config for annotations + 397535 Support pluggable alias checking to support symbolic links + 398337 UTF-16 percent encoding in UTF-16 form content + 399132 check parent dir of session store against file to be removed + JETTY-1533 handle URL with no path

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