[Jetty-support] need help doing ant build to deploy an app using Jetty instead of Tomcat

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[Jetty-support] need help doing ant build to deploy an app using Jetty instead of Tomcat

Stefan Scott Alex
Hi -

I would like to run a popular open-source java CMS (content management system) called dotCMS.

dotCMS is normally deployed using Tomcat, but I would prefer to deploy it using Jetty.

So far, I have installed Jetty 6.1.23 on my Debian Etch server, and I've used the svn command-line client to check out a copy of the program I want to deploy (dotCMS). 

Specifically, I've done the first step in the instructions here for deploying dotCMS as a WAR file:

which means that I've done the first two steps in the instructions here:

I think that what I have to do next is do an ant build to create a WAR file - with Jetty as the target, rather than Tomcat.

I imagine that I must edit some XML files before doing the ant build, so that the app will run using Jetty rather than Tomcat. This is where I need some guidance. 

Can anyone point me to some tips for doing an ant build for an app that's normally deployed using Tomcat, in order to deploy the app using Jetty instead?

Thanks for any help.

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