[Jetty-support] Release 5.1.10 and 4.2.15 - Security issue on win32

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[Jetty-support] Release 5.1.10 and 4.2.15 - Security issue on win32

Greg Wilkins-5

Releases 5.1.10 and 4.2.15 of Jetty are available via http://jetty.mortbay.org

These release fix a security flaw that allows a crafted URL to access the contents
of WEB-INF on win32 platform.  

Jetty-5.1.10 - 5 January 2005
 + Fixed path aliasing with // on windows.
 + Fix for AJP13 with multiple headers
 + Fix for AJP13 with encoded path
 + Remove null dispatch attributes from getAttributeNames
 + Put POST content default back to iso_8859_1. GET is UTF-8 still

Jetty-4.2.25 - 4 Jan 2006
 + Fixed aliasing of // for win32

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