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[Jetty-support] MOSTLY RESOLVED: Need[ed] help configuring Jetty 6.1.x under Debian Etch

Stefan Scott Alex
Hi -

My apologies for the loooong email I just posted to the group.

I have mostly resolved the problem, by doing:

sudo java -jar start.jar

instead of

java -jar start.jar

Now when I point a browser to http://myserver.com:8080 I get the correct Jetty test page.

The Jetty directories and folders all have 'root' as the owner, so when I use sudo then Jetty evidently has the necessary permissions to read the web app directory.

I have also created a user named 'jetty' but I haven't used it yet. So I guess I still need to:

- change the owner of all the Jetty directories and files from 'root' to 'jetty';

- run Jetty as user 'jetty' instead of as myself;

- let people browse to the site using the standard port 80, rather than port 8080 which Jetty is currently using.

These things should be fairly straightforward. 

It's exciting to have Jetty up and running on my server now, and I would say that the installation procedure worked very well overall.

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