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Jetty slow to request image

I have started jetty with read only access the the jetty.home directory.  My
jetty.xml is in the home directory of a normal user along with my webapps
directory (~/java-servlets).  I have only RequestLog enabled in my jetty.xml and
it is pointed to ~/java-servlets/root/WEB-INF/logs/.  There are no exceptions
during startup.  Everything seems to be fine except for images.  It takes a very
long time to download.  I do not have this problem when I run jetty as root with
the defualt jetty.home/etc/jetty.xml.  Can anyone suggest what I should look at
to solve this?  Here is a little wget output to show just how slow it is:

$ date; wget http://server:8080/jetty_banner.gif; date
Thu Dec  8 12:08:48 MST 2005
--12:08:48--  http://server:8080/jetty_banner.gif
           => `jetty_banner.gif.5'
Resolving server...
Connecting to server[]:8080... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 65,384 [image/gif]

18% [=====>                               ] 12,052       128.10B/s    ETA 06:56



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