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Jetty release 6.1.26

Greg Wilkins
Maintenance release jetty-6.1.26 is now available via and in maven central.
This release contains a number of minor to moderate fixes, but nothing
that suggests an urgent upgrade
is required unless you are suffering from one of the issues.

Jetty-6.1.26 10 November 2010
 + JETTY-748 Prevent race close of socket by old acceptor threads
 + JETTY-1239 HTAccessHandler [allow from] does not work
 + JETTY-1291 Extract query parameters even if POST content consumed
 + JETTY-1293 Avoid usage of String.split
 + JETTY-1296 Always clear changes list in selectManager

Jetty-6.1.26.RC0 20 October 2010
 + JETTY-547 Improved usage of shutdownOutput before close.
 + JETTY-912 add per exchange timeout
 + JETTY-1051 offer jetty.skip flag for maven plugin
 + JETTY-1096 exclude maven and plexus classes from jetty plugin
 + JETTY-1248 Infinite loop creating temp MultiPart files
 + JETTY-1264 Idle timer deadlock
 + JETTY-1271 Handle unavailable request
 + JETTY-1278 J2se6 SPI filter handling fix
 + JETTY-1283 Allow JSONPojoConvertorFactory to set fromJSON
 + JETTY-1287 rewrite handler thread safe issue resolved
 + JETTY-1288 info when atypical classloader set to WebAppContext
 + JETTY-1289 MRU cache for filter chains
 + JETTY-1292 close input streams after keystore.load()
 + 325468 Clean work webapp dir before unpack
 + 327109 Fixed AJP handling of empty packets
 + 327562 Implement all X-Forwarded headers in ProxyServlet

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