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Jetty release 6.1.21

Greg Wilkins-5
Jetty release 6.1.21 is now available via

the main fix in this release is the mistake in 6.1.20 that prevented
unpacking some wars on windows platforms.  Numerous other minor
improvements have been made.

jetty-6.1.21 22 September 2009
 + JETTY-719 Document state machine of jetty http client
 + JETTY-933 State == HEADER in client
 + JETTY-936 Improved servlet matching and optimized
 + JETTY-1038 ChannelId.isParentOf returns the wrong result
 + JETTY-1061 Catch exceptions from cometd listeners
 + JETTY-1072 maven plugin handles context path not as documented
 + JETTY-1080 modified previous fix for windows
 + JETTY-1084 HEAD command not setting content-type in response under certain
 + JETTY-1090 resolve inifinte loop condition for webdav listener
 + JETTY-1092 MultiPartFilter can be pushed into infinite loop
 + JETTY-1093 Request.toString throws exception when size exceeds 4k
 + JETTY-1098 Default form encoding is UTF8
 + JETTY-1099 Improve cookie handling in BayeuxClient
 + JETTY-1100 extend setuid feature to allow setting max open file descriptors
 + JETTY-1102 Wrong usage of deliver() in private chat messages
 + JETTY-1108 SSL EOF detection
 + JETTY-1109 Improper handling of cookies in Terracotta tests
 + JETTY-1112 Response fails if header exceeds buffer size
 + JETTY-1113 IllegalStateException when adding servlet filters programmatically
 + JETTY-1114 Unsynchronize webapp classloader getResource
 + 282543 HttpClient SSL buffer size fix
 + 288055 fix jetty-client for failed listener state machine
 + 288153 reset exchange when resending
 + 288182 PUT request fails during retry
 + Fix DefaultServletTest for windows
 + Update Jetty implementation of*
 + Include tmp directory sweeper in build
 + Streamline jetty-jboss build, update sar to QueuedThreadPool

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