Jetty not unpacking the war file

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Jetty not unpacking the war file


I just downloaded and unzipped the latest version of Jetty (6.1.20) to my computer. I dropped a war file into the {jetty.home}/webapps directory and started up the server using java -jar start.jar etc/jetty.xml
The server started up fine with no error messages. I then checked the temp directory where it supposedly unpacked the war to and I don't see a WEB-INF directory or the simple JSP file that is in the war.
All I see is a .active directory(which is empty), jsp directory(which is empty) and webapp dir.
The webapp dir contains a META-INF dir which contains a simple MANIFEST.MF file.

The war file is a simple hello world example with the single JSP page displaying the message. I tried loading up http://localhost:8080/HelloWorldPrj/helloworld.jsp and get a 404 not found, but http://localhost:8080/HelloWorldPrj/ shows a dir listing with just META-INF there.

This is a dumb question but what the hell am I missing? Shouldn't jetty unpack any war file it finds in its /webapp dir? I am using the default setup that comes with Jetty, I haven't created a jetty.xml file of my own or any jetty-web.xml or jetty-env.xml.