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Jetty is Hanging

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I'm a Jetty newb that is having a lot of problems. I am running Jetty from the console. I started off importing a sample Tapestry project and was able to run it fine... the project is on the Tapestry page and is called tutorial1

I began work on my own project then and began introducing new functionality to it incrementally allowing Jetty to pick up the changes and test it as I went along. At some point it stopped working. I tried backtracking my project to get it to a working state but every time I requested the home page it would just hang. At this point I still thought it was my fault via some Tapestry/Hibernate error, though I did think a more graceful error message would have been nice than the it attempting to load for a minute followed by a server timeout error.

I then shutdown jetty and attempted to load up the imported sample project I first tried using mvn jetty:run in my tutorial1 project directory. it doesn't work either! When I try going to localhost:8080/tutorial1 or the URL of my project the jetty console does show any output, almost as if it's not receiving the request.

I rebooted my entire machine but that doesn't help. I am not familiar with jetty architecture and am unsure if there is a way I can purge all my files from the jetty web application directory.

Any ideas?

I start jetty with: mvn jetty:run
My pom.xml is configured for a 5 second interval for checking on changes
I stop jetty wtih Ctrl+C

I attempted clean with mvn clean and mvn clean jetty:run

This is the pom plugin definition for the projects:
                    <requestLog implementation="org.mortbay.jetty.NCSARequestLog">