Jetty has improved market share

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Jetty has improved market share

Greg Wilkins

Jetty has continued to improve it's ranking in the netcraft survey and
we're now the 12th most used public server.

I've had a little gloat in my blog

specially at the fact that we now have 80% of Tomcat's market share
for servers directly connected to the internet!

Thanks for your continued support of this project and I hope we
continue to make it attractive to use.

I'd like to invite all Jetty users (and potential users) to our
BOF (Birds of a Feather) session at this years JavaOne in San
Francisco (Tuesday May 6, 19:30-20:20)   We'll be speaking about
current and future developments with Jetty, but would also love
to hear from users with interesting/cool/innovative uses of Jetty.

Webtide will also have a booth at J1, so please drop by and say
hi, or ask about our commercial services.


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