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Jetty@eclispe build 7.0.0.M3 Jetty@eclipse release

Greg Wilkins-5

The 7.0.0.M3 build of Jetty is now available via

We believe that this milestone represents the last of the major refactorings
due to the move to eclipse and the deferring of 3.0 support to jetty-8.
We expect M3 to be followed soon with some RC releases and then hopefully
a soon after that.

jetty-7.0.0.M3 20 June 2009
 + fixed race with expired async listeners
 + refactored configuration mechanism
 + added WebAppContext.setConfigurationDiscovered for servlet 3.0 features
 + 274251 Allow dispatch to welcome files that are servlets (configurable)
 + 277403 Cleanup system property usage.
 + 277798 Denial of Service Filter
 + Portable continuations for jetty6 and servlet3
 + Refactored continuations to only support response wrapping
 + Added ContinuationThrowable
 + 276545 Quoted cookie paths
 + 279725 Support 100 and 102 expectations
 + Refactored AbstractBuffers to HttpBuffers for performance
 + Numerous cleanups from static code analysis
 + 280707 client.HttpConnection does not catch and handle non-IOExceptions

The corresponding Jetty accessories at codehaus have been released as
maven artefacts with the version number  :

 * Jetty :: Jetty Maven Plugin
 * Jetty :: JNDI Test Webapp
 * Jetty :: Annotations Test Webapp
 * Jetty :: Integration Tests
 * Jetty :: Runner
 * Jetty :: JBoss
 * Example :: Jetty Spring Example
 * Example :: Async Rest Webapp

Jetty builds no longer include a cometd release.  I matching cometd
release (1.0.beta9) is available from


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