Jetty and/or Servlet-api in JavaFX breaks deployment

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Jetty and/or Servlet-api in JavaFX breaks deployment

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I try to embed (use) Jetty into my JavaFX 2.2 applet (which runs in a browser).

My problem is that, to host servlets I need to include the servlet-api-3.0.jar also (for javax.servlet namespaces) besides jetty-server.jar, jetty-servlet.jar and jetty-util.jar.

If I include the servlet-api.jar, my project compiles, but when I run it inside the browser, the deployment fails with the "JavaFX application could not launch due to system configuration (show error details). See for troubleshooting information." error message.

If I remove the servlet-api.jar (and remove the relevant source) it deploys again.

For the JavaFX project the Java Platform is set to "Default JavaFX Platform", and it would be good to keep it this way to reduce the minimum footprint required.

I don't know the exact error, because if I click on the "show error details" link, the empty JVM console appears :(

I'm not a java(fx) expert (I come from .NET world), so I'd appreciate any help!