Jetty & Hightide releases 7.0.1.v20091125

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Jetty & Hightide releases 7.0.1.v20091125

Greg Wilkins

Jetty release 7.0.1.v20091125 is now available via
Hightide release 7.0.1.v20091125 is now available via

This release provides a work around for the CERT-2009-3555 SSL vulnerability.
SSL renegotiation is no longer supported and this work around is highly
recommended until JVM updates are available.

As well as many minor fixes and improvements, this release also introduced
two new features:
  + Websocket support
  + OSGi JSR66 support

jetty-7.0.1.v20091125 25 November 2009
 + 274251 DefaultServlet supports exact match mode.
 + 288401 HttpExchange.cancel() Method Unimplemented
 + 289027 deobfuscate HttpClient SSL passwords
 + 289265 Test harness for async input
 + 289959 Improved ContextDeployer configuration
 + 289960 start.jar assumes command line args are configs
 + 291019 Fix default DEBUG option; "-D.DEBUG=true" now works
 + 291340 Race condition in onException() notifications
 + 291543 make bin/*.sh scripts executable in distribution
 + 291589 Update jetty-rewrite demo
 + 292642 Fix errors in embedded Jetty examples
 + 292825 Continuations ISE rather than ignore bad transitions
 + 292546 Proactively enforce HttpClient idle timeout
 + 293222 Improved StatisticsHandler for async
 + 293506 Unable to use jconsole with Jetty when running with security manager
 + 293557 Add "jad" mime mapping
 + 294154 Patched jetty-osgi
 + 294224 HttpClient timeout setting has no effect when connecting to host
 + 294345 Support for HTTP/301 + HTTP/302 response codes
 + 294563 Initial websocket implementation
 + JETTY-937 More JVM bug work arounds. Insert pause if all else fails
 + JETTY-983 Send content-length with multipart ranges
 + JETTY-1114 unsynchronised WebAppClassloader.getResource(String)
 + JETTY-1121 Merge Multipart query parameters
 + JETTY-1122 Handle multi-byte utf that causes buffer overflow
 + JETTY-1125 TransparentProxy incorrectly configured for test webapp
 + JETTY-1129 Filter control characters out of StdErrLog
 + JETTY-1135 Handle connection closed before accepted during JVM bug work around
 + JETTY-1144 fixed multi-byte character overflow
 + JETTY-1148 Reset partially read request reader.
 + COMETD-34 Support Baeyux MBean
 + Fixed XSS issue in CookieDump demo servlet.
 + Improved start.jar usage text for properties
 + Promoted Jetty Centralized Logging from Sandbox
 + Promoted Jetty WebApp Verifier from Sandbox
 + Refactored continuation test harnessess
 + Fixed client abort asocciation
 + CQ-3581 jetty OSGi contribution
 + Moved centralized logging and verifier back to sandbox
 + 294345 Support for HTTP/301 + HTTP/302 response codes
 + CVE-2009-3555 Prevent SSL renegotiate for SSL vulnerability
 + 295421 Cannot reset() a newly created HttpExchange: IllegalStateException 0 => 0
 + 295562 CrossOriginFilter does not work with default values in Chrome and Safari

jetty@codehaus 7.0.1.v20091125 25 November 2009
 + JETTY-1143 make Jetty7 serve WebService request
 + Change name of setuid lib to "setuid" to be mac friendly

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