Jetty Session ID over URL-Parameter

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Jetty Session ID over URL-Parameter

Oliver Herzberg
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i have a question about jetty and Session Management configuration. We run a GWT Web-App which need an SessionID to save data on the Server-side. It works fine if the user as enabled cookies in his browser. The most browser don´t accept third-party cookies as default. I don´t like force the user to enable this feature. I need this because i like to embedded the in an iFrame, in this case the cookie is third-party. The result is that the GWT-App do not work  in an iFrame.

My idea was to enable URL rewriting as fallback. If the browser accepts third-party cookies i want to use the Session-ID from the cookie, if not the jetty should rewrite the URL with the Session-ID as URL-Parameter.  

First i try to disable the cookie in jetty-web.xml on my local system and in :

<Get name="sessionHandler">
  <Get name="sessionManager">
    <Set name="usingCookies" type="boolean">false</Set>

This disable the cookie but it don't enable rewrite the URL. As i read is this process transparent for the app.

I have already read the WIKI-Site:

But i don´t find a working solution.

Used Software on Local-Server:
OS X 10.7.4
GWT 2.4.0
Eclipse Indigo Service Release 1

Used Software on Live-Server:
jetty 6.1.18
Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS
GWT 2.4.0

It do not work on both systems.