Jetty/MyApp is not performing

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Jetty/MyApp is not performing

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I am writing an application which requires that when userA performs an action on hostA, userA on hostB can receive it within a second. To do this we utilize comet. I have modified some of the Comet/continuation classes so that only allowed channels (as well as control channels (meta/*)) can communicate using this server. Right now, for fault-tolerance, comet messages are replicated manually. Problem occurs when the listening window (running dojox) is closed and a new one is opened. This has a good chance (20-50%) of causing the jetty server to get bogged down and stop receiving/sending all messages. I added output for replication traffic and message handling/channel verification. All that stops completely when this action is performed (new listener). This is happening on different hosts even in development.

It's only 1msg/sec on avg and usually a small number of connected hosts.

I feel as if the replication traffic is possibly to blame.

If any of you have experienced this problem, Please let me know. This comet implementation is the backbone of the project. Without it, the project will be a failure.

Thanks all.