Jetty 9.0.2.v20130417 released

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Jetty 9.0.2.v20130417 released

Jesse McConnell-5
We are pleased to announce the release of Jetty 9.0.2.  There were a couple of issues that we noted with the last release and wanted to get resolved quickly.  The first was a fix to one of the new queue algorithms we have been working with that we realized was resulting in a bit of a hit to performance.  The second was an issue where sockets would sometimes linger around after the connection was closed when a certain sequence of events occurred with SSL connection close.  This issues didn't affect everyone but it was a bother enough to those it did that we included it in this release.

Distribution Downloads:

The artifacts are also available in Maven Central.



jetty-9.0.2.v20130417 - 17 April 2013
 + 364921 FIN WAIT sockets
 + 402885 reuse Deflaters in GzipFilter
 + 403591 do not use the ConcurrentArrayBlockingQueue for thread pool, selector
   and async request log
 + 404511 fixed poor methods in ArrayTernaryTrie
 + 405119 Tidy up comments and code formatting for osgi
 + 405352 Servlet init-param always overridden by WebServlet annotation
 + 405364 spdy implement MAX_CONCURRENT_STREAMS
 + 405449 spdy improve handling of duplicate stream Ids
 + 405540 ServletContextListeners call in reverse in doStop
 + 405551 InputStreamResponseListener.await returns null when request fails.
 + 405679 example other server for documentation

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