Jetty 7.4.5.v20110725 Released!

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Jetty 7.4.5.v20110725 Released!

Jesse McConnell
We have released Jetty 7.4.5.v20110725!

This release has a fix for Wicket users and a small handful of other
things.  We also have the first deb produced as a part of the build we
hope people try out and give feedback on.



Deb:  (or in maven
central at:


NOTE: the sync to maven central is delayed and files should be in
central within the next few hours

Eclipse Side
 + 347484 / - > ${/} in some paths in grant codebases
 + 352133 resolve some 1.5isms
 + 352421 HttpURI paths beginning with '.'
 + 352786 GzipFilter fails to pass parameters to GzipResponseWrapper

Codehaus Side
 + JETTY-1383 Provide Debian and RPM binary distribution of Core Jetty
 (Only Deb's this time sorry)

jesse mcconnell
[hidden email]

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