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Jetty 7.2.2 Release

Greg Wilkins
The eclipse jetty-7.2.2.v20101205 and the codehaus
jetty-hightide-7.2.2.v20101205 releases are now available via

or maven central.  A P2 repo will be following shortly.

This is a maintenance point release

jetty-7.2.2.v20101205 5 December 2010
 + JETTY-1308 327109 (re)fixed AJP handling of empty packets
 + 331703 Fixed failing OSGI test on MacOSX
 + 331567 IPAccessHandlerTest failed on MacOS fix
 + 328789 Clean up tmp files from test harnesses
 + 331230 Fixed low thread warnings when acceptors>threadpool
 + 331461 Fixed idle timeout for unflushed HTTP/1.0
 + JETTY-1307 Check that JarFileResource directories end with /
 + 330210 Improve performance of writing large bytes arrays
 + 330208 Support new wording on servlet-mapping and filter-mapping
merging from servlet3.0a
 + 330188 Reject web-fragment.xml with same <name> as another already loaded one
 + 330229 Jetty tries to parse META-INF/*.tld when jsp-api is not on
classpath, causing DTD entity resoluton to fail
 + 330265 start.jar --stop kills --exec subprocess
 + 330417 Atomic PUT in PutFilter
 + 330419 Reloading webapp duplicates StandardDescriptorProcessor
 + 330686 OSGi: Make org.eclipse.jetty.jsp-2.1 a fragment of
 + 330732 Removed System.err debugging
 + 330764 Command line properties passed to start.jar --exec
 + JETTY-1297 Improved matching of vhosts so that a vhost match has priority

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