Jetty 7.0.0.pre5 released!

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Jetty 7.0.0.pre5 released!

Jesse McConnell
At long last, I am getting the jetty-7.0.0.pre5 release out.  I had staged and released the pre4 release earlier in the week but we identified an issue with it we simply didn't want getting widespread use at all.  This has been resolved and the pre5 release is out and available.

The assembly is available at:

Since there is some lag time in these artifacts being synced to central, they will be located at the location below until then.

The component artifacts are available on central as well (once the sync is complete, until then the above applies as well).

The issues that have been address are:

jetty-7.0.0.pre5 30 Oct 2008
 + JETTY-766 Fix npe
 + JETTY-768 Remove EnvEntry overloaded constructors
 + JETTY-771 Ensure NamingEntryUtil is jdk1.4 compliant
 + JETTY-767 Fixed SSL Client no progress handshake bug
 + JETTY-769 jquery example error
jetty-7.0.0.pre4 28 Oct 2008

 + JETTY-241 Support for web application overlays in rapid application development (jetty:run)
 + JETTY-319 improved passing of exception when webapp unavailable
 + JETTY-331 SecureRandom hangs on systems with low entropy (connectors slow to start)
 + JETTY-591 No server classes for jetty-web.xml
 + JETTY-604 AbstractSession.setSessionURL
 + JETTY-670 $JETTY_HOME/bin/ not worked in Solaris, because of /usr/bin/which has no error-code
 + JETTY-676 ResourceHandler doesn't support HTTP HEAD requests
 + JETTY-677 GWT serialization issue
 + JETTY-680 Can't configure the ResourceCollection with maven
 + JETTY-681 JETTY-692 MultiPartFilter is slow for file uploads
 + JETTY-682 Added listeners and queue methods to cometd
 + JETTY-686 LifeCycle.Listener
 + JETTY-687 Issue with servlet-mapping in dynamic servlet invoker
 + JETTY-688 Cookie causes NumberFormatException
 + JETTY-689 processing of non-servlet related annotations
 + JETTY-690 Updated XBean dependencies to XBean version 3.4.3 and Spring 2.0.5.
 + JETTY-696 restart not working
 + JETTY-698 org.mortbay.resource.
JarResource.extract does not close JarInputStream jin
 + JETTY-699 Optimized cometd sending of 1 message to many many clients
 + JETTY-700 unit test for unread request data
 + JETTY-703 maxStopTimeMs added to QueuedThreadPool
 + JETTY-708 allow 3 scopes for jndi resources: jvm, server or webapp
 + JETTY-709 Jetty plugin's WebAppConfig configured properties gets overridden by AbstractJettyRunMojo even when already set
 + JETTY-710 Worked around poor implementation of File.toURL()
 + JETTY-711 DataSourceUserRealm implementation
 + JETTY-712 HttpClient does not handle request complete after response complete
 + JETTY-715 AJP Key size as Integer
 + JETTY-716 Fixed NPE on empty cometd message
 + JETTY-718 during ssl unwrap, return true if some bytes were read, even if underflow
 + JETTY-720 fix HttpExchange.waitForStatus
 + JETTY-721 Support wildcard in VirtualHosts configuration
 + JETTY-723 does not check if TMP already is set
 + JETTY-724 better handle EBCDIC default JVM encoding
 + JETTY-728 Improve Terracotta integration and performances
 + JETTY-730 Set SAX parse features to defaults
 + JETTY-731 DeliverListener for cometd
 + JETTY-732 Case Sensitive Basic Authentication Response Header Implementations
 + JETTY-733 Expose ssl connectors with xbean
 + JETTY-735 Wrong default jndi name on DataSourceUserRealm
 + JETTY-736 Client Specific cometd advice
 + JETTY-737 refactored jetty.jar into jetty, xml, security, ssl, webapp and deploy jars
 + JETTY-738 If finds a pid file is does not check to see if a process with that pid is still running
 + JETTY-739 Race in QueuedThreadPool
 + JETTY-741 HttpClient connects slowly due to reverse address lookup by InetAddress.getHostName()
 + JETTY-742 Private messages in cometd chat demo
 + JETTY-747 Handle HttpClient exceptions better
 + JETTY-755 Optimized HttpParser and buffers for few busy connections
 + JETTY-757 Unhide JAAS classes
 + JETTY-758 Update JSP to glassfish tag SJSAS-9_1_1-B51-18_Sept_2008
 + JETTY-759 Fixed JSON small negative real numbers
 + JETTY-760 Handle wildcard VirtualHost and normalize hostname in ContextHandlerCollection
 + JETTY-762 improved QueuedThreadPool idle death handling
 + JETTY-763 Fixed AJP13 constructor
 + JETTY-766 Ensure SystemProperties set early on jetty-maven-plugin

This pre-release has been a long time coming and we appreciate any feedback you may have.


jesse mcconnell
[hidden email]