Jetty 6.1.20 released

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Jetty 6.1.20 released

Jesse McConnell

Wanted to announce the release of jetty-6.1.20 has been put up and
will be available shortly from the maven central repo.

It is currently available for download from the usual suspects:


This will be likely the last jetty6 release for a while, it has been
in maintenance mode for quite a while already and we would like to
encourage folks to start migrating to jetty7 if they would like to get
access to more recent advances.  Jetty7 will be releasing its first
stable release shortly.


Issues resolved in this release are:

jetty-6.1.20 27 August 2009
 + JETTY-838 Don't log and throw
 + JETTY-874 Better error on full header.
 + JETTY-960 Support ldaps
 + JETTY-1046 maven-jetty-jspc-plugin keepSources takes affect only in
 + JETTY-1057 XSS error page
 + JETTY-1065 Add RedirectRegexRule to provide match/replace/group
redirect support
 + JETTY-1066 Send 400 error for request URI parse exceptions
 + JETTY-1068 Avoid busy flush of async SSL
 + JETTY-1069 Adjust Bayeux Java client backoff algorithm
 + JETTY-1070 Java Bayeux Client not sending /meta/disconnect on stop
 + JETTY-1074 JMX thread manipulation
 + JETTY-1077 HashSSORealm shares Principals between UserRealms
 + JETTY-1078 Automatic JSON Pojo Conversion
 + JETTY-1079 ResourceCollection.toString() can throw IllegalStateException
 + JETTY-1080 Ignore files that would be extracted outside the
destination directory when unpacking WARs
 + JETTY-1081 Handle null content type in GzipFilter
 + JETTY-1084 Disable GzipFilter for HEAD requests
 + JETTY-1085 Allow url sessionID if cookie invalid
 + JETTY-1086 Added UncheckedPrintWriter to avoid ignored EOFs
 + JETTY-1087 Chunked SSL non blocking input
 + JETTY-1098 Upgrade JSP to SJSAS-9_1_1-B60F-07_Jan_2009
 + 283513 Check endp.isOpen when blocking read
 + 283818 fixed merge of forward parameters
 + 285006 Fixed NPE in AbstractConnector during shutdown
 + 286535 ContentExchange status code
 + 286911 Clean out cache when recycling HTTP fields
 + COMETD-7 max latency config for lazy messages
 + Added getSubscriptions to cometd client
 + Made unSubscribeAll public on cometd client
 + Removed clearing of queue in unSubscribeAll for cometd client
 + Update test-jndi and test-annotation examples for atomikos 3.5.5
 + Clarified cometd interval timeout and allow per client intervals
 + Update Main.main method to call setWar
 + Added DebugHandler

jesse mcconnell
[hidden email]

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