Jetty 6.1.17 Released!

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Jetty 6.1.17 Released!

Jesse McConnell
Jetty 6.1.17 has been released and is now available for download from
the usual locations:


The maven artifact are released and will be synced over and available
from the maven central repository within the next 4 hours or so.

A list of the issues resolved in this release are detailed below.
Please keep in mind the jetty6 releases are going to begin tapering
off as it shifts to maintenance and bugfix release mode.  We encourage
participation with people interested in early adoption of the jetty7
milestone releases now coming out of eclipse.  Please see our eclipse
website for more information and join us in #jetty @
as well.


jetty-6.1.17 30 April 2009
 + JETTY-936 Make optional dispatching to welcome files as servlets
 + JETTY-937 Work around sun JVM selector bugs
 + JETTY-941 Linux chkconfig hint
 + JETTY-957 Reduce hardcoded versions
 + JETTY-980 Security / Directory Listing XSS present
 + JETTY-982 Make test-jaas-webapp run with jetty:run
 + JETTY-983 Default Servlet sets accept-ranges for cached/gzipped content
 + JETTY-988 X-Forwarded-Host has precedence over X-Forwarded-Server
 + JETTY-989 GzipFilter handles addHeader
 + JETTY-990 Async HttpClient connect
 + JETTY-992 URIUtil.encodePath encodes markup characters
 + JETTY-996 Make start-stop-daemon optional
 + JETTY-997 Remove jpackage-utils dependency on rpm install
 + JETTY-980 Fixed ResourceHandler ? handling, and bad URI creation in listings
 + JETTY-985 Allow listeners to implement both interfaces
 + JETTY-1000 Avoided needless 1.5 dependency
 + JETTY-1002 cometd-api to 1.0.beta8
 + JETTY-1003 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: timeout can't be negative
 + JETTY-1004 CERT VU#402580 Canonical path handling includes ? in path segment
 + JETTY-1006 Resume meta connect on all XD messages

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