Jetty 6.1.16 Released!

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Jetty 6.1.16 Released!

Jesse McConnell
Jetty 6.1.16 is now available for download from the usual suspects..

DEB's and RPM's will be available in the next few days and will appear
in the same download locations.

Issues resolved in this release are:

jetty-6.1.16 1 April 2009
 + JETTY-702 Create "jetty-tasks.xml" for the Ant plugin
 + JETTY-899 Standardize location for configuration files which go into etc
 + JETTY-936 Allow dispatch to welcome files that are servlets
 + JETTY-944 Lazy messages don't prevent long polls waiting
 + JETTY-946 Redeploys with maven jetty plugin of webapps with overlays don't wo
 + JETTY-947 Exception stops terracotta session scavenger
 + JETTY-948 ConcurrentModificationException in TerracottaSessionManager scaveng
 + JETTY-949 Move cometd source to project
 + JETTY-953 SSL keystore file input stream is not being closed directly
 + JETTY-956 SslSelectChannelConnector - password should be the default value of
 keyPassword if not specified
 + JETTY-959 CGI servlet doesn't kill the CGI in case the client disconnects
 + JETTY-964 Typo in Jetty 6.1.15 Manifest - Bundle-RequiredExcutionEnvironment
 + JETTY-972 Move cometd code back from project (temporarily)
 + JETTY-973 Deliver same message to a collection of cometd Clients


jesse mcconnell
[hidden email]

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