Jetty-6.1.15.pre0 released

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Jetty-6.1.15.pre0 released

Jan Bartel
Release 6.1.15.pre0 of Jetty is available from

Issues fix in this release are:

 + JETTY-600 Automated tests of WADI integration + upgrade to WADI 2.0
 + JETTY-749 Reliable message delivery
 + JETTY-794 WADI integration tests fail intermittently.
 + JETTY-781 Add "mvn jetty:deploy-war" for deploying a pre-assembled war
 + JETTY-795 NullPointerException in
 + JETTY-798 Jboss session manager incompatible with LifeCycle.Listener
 + JETTY-801 Bring back 2 arg EnvEntry constructor
 + JETTY-804 HttpClient timeout does not always work
 + JETTY-806 Timeout related Deadlocks in HTTP Client
 + JETTY-807 HttpTester to handle charsets
 + JETTY-808 cometd client demo
 + JETTY-809 Need a way to customize WEB-INF/lib file extensions that are added to the classpath
 + JETTY-814 Add org.mortbay.jetty.client.Address.toString()
 + JETTY-816 Implement reconnect on java bayeux client
 + JETTY-817 Aborted SSL connections may cause jetty to hang with full cpu
 + JETTY-819 Jetty Plus no more jre 1.4
 + JETTY-821 Allow lazy loading of persistent sessions
 + JETTY-824 Access to inbound byte statistics
 + JETTY-825 URL decoding of spaces (+) fails for encoding not utf8
 + JETTY-827 Externalize servlet api
 + JETTY-830 Add ability to reserve connections on http client
 + JETTY-831 Add ability to stop java bayeux client
 + JETTY-832 More UrlDecoded handling in relation to JETTY-825
 + JETTY-833 Update debian and rpm packages for new jsp-2.1-glassfish jars and servlet-api jar
 + JETTY-834 Configure DTD does not allow <Map> children
 + JETTY-837 Response headers set via filter are ignored for static resources
 + JETTY-841 Duplicate messages when sending private message to yourself with cometd chat demo
 + JETTY-842 NPE in jetty client when no path component
 + JETTY-843 META-INF/MANIFEST.MF is not present in unpacked webapp
 + JETTY-852 Ensure handshake and connect retried on failure for jquery-cometd
 + JETTY-854 JNDI scope does not work with applications in a .war
 + JETTY-855 jetty-client uber assembly support
 + JETTY-858 ContentExchange provides bytes
 + JETTY-859 MultiPartFilter ignores the query string parameters
 + JETTY-862 EncodedHttpURI ignores given encoding in constructor

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