Jetty 6.1.14 Released!

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Jetty 6.1.14 Released!

Jesse McConnell
Well, there was a bit of a flurry of activity on the 6.1.12 release so we decided to roll out a 6.1.14 release shortly afterwords.  The astute observer will note that there is no 6.1.13 release because that would be an *cough* unlucky release to make.  All such observations should result in a simple smile on your face and then please don't mention it.

The release is available at


The list of tickets addressed in this release are:

jetty-6.1.14 14 November 2008
 + JETTY-630 jetty6-plus rpm is missing the jetty6-plus jar
 + JETTY-748 Reduced flushing of large content
 + JETTY-765 ensure stop mojo works for all execution phases
 + JETTY-777 include util5 on the jetty debs
 + JETTY-778 handle granular windows timer in lifecycle test
 + JETTY-779 Fixed line feed in request log
 + JETTY-782 Implement interval advice for BayeuxClient
 + JETTY-783 Update jetty self-signed certificate
 + JETTY-784 TerracottaSessionManager leaks sessions scavenged in other nodes
 + JETTY-787 Handle MSIE7 mixed encoding
 + JETTY-788 Fix jotm for new scoped jndi
 + JETTY-790 WaitingContinuations can change mutex if not pending
 + JETTY-791 Ensure jdk1.4 compatibility for jetty-6
 + JETTY-792 TerracottaSessionManager does not unlock new session with requested id
 + JETTY-793 Fixed DataCache millisecond rounding

jesse mcconnell
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