Jetty 6.1.11 Released!

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Jetty 6.1.11 Released!

Jesse McConnell
The jetty folks are pleased to announce the availability of Jetty 6.1.11!

The issues resolved in this release are:

jetty-6.1.11 20 May 2008
 + JETTY-336 413 error for full header buffer
 + JETTY-425 race in stopping SelectManager
 + JETTY-580 Fixed SSL shutdown
 + JETTY-581 ContextPath constructor
 + JETTY-582 final ISO_8859_1
 + JETTY-584 handle null contextPath
 + JETTY-588 handle Retry in ServletException
 + JETTY-590 Digest auth domain for root context
 + JETTY-592 expired timeout callback without synchronization
 + JETTY-595 SessionHandler only deals with base request session
 + JETTY-596 Proxy support in HttpClient
 + JETTY-598 Added more reliable cometd message flush option

Available from your friendly maven central repository in artifact form
and also in release bundles from the standard locations:

RPMS will be in place when become available.

Also coming soon is the 7.0.0pre2 release of the jetty trunk with
updated servlet 3.0 and cometd goodness!


jesse mcconnell
[hidden email]

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