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Important jetty plugin changes


The jetty plugin is changing it's invocation from "mvn jetty6:run" to "mvn jetty:run".

This change is in svn head now and a 6.0-SNAPSHOT is available from repository.

The old "mvn jetty6:run" will still work, but there will be no further snapshots/releases
of it.

To use the new style, update your poms to use: <artifactId>maven-jetty-plugin</artifactId>.
At the moment the only <version> is a 6.0-SNAPSHOT, however there should be a release
candidate later this week for it too.

The information on the website has also been updated:

If you are developing using Eclipse with jetty, then you will need to:

 * do an svn update
 * delete the "maven-jetty6-plugin" module from Eclipse
 * cd modules/maven-plugin and do "mvn eclipse:eclipse"
 * re-import it as "maven-jetty-plugin"

Other IDE users will have to intuit what to do based on
the instructions for Eclipse :-)


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