Hightide 6.1.4H-beta Release

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Hightide 6.1.4H-beta Release

Jan Bartel
Hightide 6.1.4H-beta

Release 6.1.4H-beta of Hightide is available for download at:


Hightide is an open source, versioned and optimized distribution of
Jetty providing a comprehensive toolset for the development of scalable,
state-of-the-art web 2.0 applications.

New features in this release include:

 + More performance optimizations.

 + Maven plugin for Hightide providing the same style of rapid webapp
   development as the Jetty maven plugin, but with all J2EE services
   instantiated and available. Targets are:
     mvn hightide:run
     mvn hightide:run-war
     mvn hightide:run-war-exploded

 + Maven api dependency for simplified webapp development. The following
   single dependency will ensure that all J2EE apis supported by the
   Hightide runtime are transitively included, reducing the number of
   dependencies you need to keep track of:


 + Maven dependency for all jars used by Hightide runtime. The following
   single dependency will ensure that all jars that are present on the
   runtime classpath will be transitively available to your webapp, reducing
   the complexity and tedium of maintaining your pom:


Jan Bartel, Webtide LLC | [hidden email] | http://www.webtide.com

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