Embedded Jetty and SSL.

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Embedded Jetty and SSL.

I'm using embedded Jetty to deploy several war files and would like some advice on how to make it run under SSL. (I've bought a CERT from a CA and now need to figure out how to use it for the login and admin war files.

Here are may war files and how I would like to use them.

MainPage.war           accessed as:     http://mydomain.com/                 (port 80 not SSL)
Login.war                accessed as:     https://mydomain.com/login          (port 443 + SSL)
Admin.war              accessed as:      https://mydomain.com/admin        (port 443 + SSL)

Currently I do something like   (greatly simplified to make shorter here)

//--- Start Code ---//
Server = new Server(80);

List<Handler> hList = new ArrayList<Handler>();
hList.add( new WebAppContext("../webapps/MainPage.war","/") );
hList.add( new WebAppContext("../webapps/Login.war","/login") );
hList.add( new WebAppContext("../webapps/Admin.war","/admin") );

ContextHandlerCollection contexts = new ContextHandlerCollection();
contexts.setHandlers(handlerList.toArray(new Handler[handlerList.size()]));


//--- End Code ---//

My question is

#1) How do I change that to get SSL running on a different port?

#2) How do I specify the location of the .crt and .jks files with the CA SSL?

#3) Am I better off creating a different Jetty server just to run the SSL ports?

P.S. I'm running Jetty 8.x in case it makes any difference.

Thanks for any advice.