Eclipse JSP Compiler: Unresolved Compilation Error

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Eclipse JSP Compiler: Unresolved Compilation Error

Lord Buddha
JRE 1.7 Update 17 / Jetty-Hightide 8.1.9

We are trialling switching to Eclipse compiler for JSP pages via

  <Call class="java.lang.System" name="setProperty">

we are doing purely to lighten the size of our many deployments.

However, in a legacy struts application with a page that has a rather unwieldy size (Generated source > 33,000 lines).   When we access that page we get an Unresolved Compilation error.  There is no detail on the exact error, just that it didn't compile along with the line number.  

The page compiles/works if we comment out the above and use the JDK compiler.

Also, if I switch out the version of the Eclipse compiler in Jetty-hightide 8.1.9 (org.eclipse.jdt.core-3.7.1.jar)  with a more current version (org.eclipse.jdt.core_3.8.3.v20130121-145325.jar) the page compiles/works.

Is there any reason why the included eclipse compile in Jetty-Hightide 8.1.9 is quite so old ?

I see that the eclipse compiler included in Jetty 9.0 is still org.eclipse.jdt.core-3.7.1.jar ?

Is there anything I can easily do to determine the exact nature of the compilation error ?

Would using the updated eclipse compiler with jetty-hightide 8.1.9 take us outside the terms of our Intalio jetty support ?