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I have previously been in direct contact with Greg Wilkins who has been very
helpful. I will continue my communication on this mailing list

Greg Wilkins wrote:

>Hi Bjarki,

>Jetty + cometd could be used for what you describe.   Jetty's cometd
>has a java client, so you can send/receive messaging.

>The client is a little immature in terms of error handling but is robust
>enough on good connections.

I have found a class called BayeuxClient in the java api on however I'm not able to
find this class anywhere. I have tried referencing the
cometd-api-7.0.0pre1.jar and cometd-bayeux-7.0.0pre1.jar but the class is
not there. And it is not in cometd-api-0.9.20080221.jar nor
cometd-bayeux-6.1.10.jar. I can't find it in the source either. Is this the
client you are referring to (org.mortbay.cometd.client.BayeuxClient) or is
it org.mortbay.cometd.ClientImpl or
org.mortbay.cometd.continuation.ContinuationClient ?

- Bjarki

>You could also use Jetty+ a SOAP stack (eg CXF or Axis).  Both work well
>with jetty, but both only provide standard client/server request/response
>comms.   You would not have 2 way communication without some additional


Bjarki Bjorgulfsson wrote:

>> Hello Greg,
>> Thank you very much for your reply. What I'm exactly looking for is
>> the ability to push data to subscribed clients without having to worry
>> about firewall issues. My clients will be written entirely in java so
>> a nice java friendly message format would be nice. Maybe even SOAP or
>> some sort of serialization over the http channel. I need a framework
>> that gives me that rather easily so that I can concentrate on the
>> Greenfoot functionality as opposed to having to spend my time on
>> getting this push functionality to work with some scalability. Can I use
Jetty for this?
>> Best regards,
>> - Bjarki B

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