Attemping to Limit Concurrent Sessions

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Attemping to Limit Concurrent Sessions

Tim Hays



Please excuse my ignorance; I am new to server configuration and particularly new to Jetty.  I am trying to deploy jetty embedded in a larger application and use jetty only as a servlet container.  I am using a single servlet from resin called Hessian to access my application from over an internal network.  My problem is that I need to limit the number of concurrent users accessing the system, and the best way I have found to do this is limit the number of sessions.  I think the best way of doing this is to write my own implementation of the sessionManager interface, which I have done, but I can’t seem to figure out how to correctly register my session manager with the server.  If anyone knows a better way to do this, or could point me to some more detailed resources than the API and Tutorials on the Jetty webpage, it would help a lot.  I am using jetty 5.1.4 and I have included my last attempt at configuring the server below.


                        Server server = new Server();


                        SocketListener listener = new SocketListener();



                        ServletHttpContext context = new ServletHttpContext();



                        LimitSessionMgr sesMgr = new LimitSessionMgr(3);


                        ServletHandler handle = new ServletHandler();


                        ServletHolder Serv=handle.addServlet("gethtml","/gethtml/*","servlets.HessianServlet");

                        Serv.setInitParameter("home-class", "proofofC.DerbyServer");

                        Serv.setInitParameter("home-api", "proofofC.DerbyNetConnect");   


                        // Start the http server






                        server.start ();




Tim Hays