Announcing: Jetty 9.0.4.v20130625

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Announcing: Jetty 9.0.4.v20130625

Joakim Erdfelt-9
The Eclipse Jetty Project team is proud to announce the latest Release for the new Jetty 9.

        Jetty 9.0.4.v20130625

The Java Async Web Server with support for SPDY and WebSocket.





Java Artifacts Available on Maven Central:


Bug Tracker:

Jetty 9 Features:
  • Java 1.7 Compatible
  • Completely overhauled I/O layer
  • Servlet API 3.0
  • JSP 2.2
  • SPDY/3
  • Jetty WebSocket API (Supporting RFC-6455)
Changelog for Jetty 9.0.4.v20130625

jetty-9.0.4.v20130625 - 25 June 2013
 + 396706 CGI support parameters
 + 397051 Make JDBCLoginService data members protected to facilitate
 + 397193 MongoSessionManager refresh updates last access time
 + 398467 Servlet 3.1 Non Blocking IO
 + 400503 WebSocket - squelch legitimate Exceptions during testing to avoid
   false positives
 + 401027 javadoc JMX annotations
 + 404508 enable overlay deployer
 + 405188 HTTP 1.0 with GET returns internal IP address.
 + 405313 Websocket client SSL hostname verification is broken, always defaults
   to raw IP as String
 + 406759 supressed stacktrace in ReferrerPushStrategyTest
 + 406923 Accept CRLF or LF but not CR as line termination
 + 407246 Test harness checked results in callbacks ignored.
 + 407325 Test Failure:
 + 407326 Test Failure:
 + 407342 ReloadedSessionMissingClassTest uses class compiled with jdk7
 + 407386 Cookies not copied in ServletWebSocketRequest
 + 407469 Method parameters for @OnWebSocketError should support Throwable
 + 407470 Javadoc for @OnWebSocketFrame incorrectly references WebSocketFrame
 + 407491 Better handle empty Accept-Language
 + 407614 added excludedMimeTypes to gzipFilter
 + 407812 jetty-maven-plugin can not handle whitespaces in equivalent of
   WEB-INF/classes paths
 + 407931 Add toggle for failing on servlet availability
 + 407976 JDBCSessionIdManager potentially leaves server in bad state after
 + 408077 HashSessionManager leaves file handles open after being stopped
 + 408117 isAsyncStarted is false on redispatch
 + 408118 NullPointerException when parsing request cookies
 + 408167 JDBCSessionManager don't mark session as dirty if same attribute
   value set
 + 408281 Inconsistent start/stop handling in ContainerLifeCycle
 + 408446 Multipart parsing issue with boundry and charset in ContentType
 + 408529 Etags set in 304 response
 + 408600 set correct jetty.url in all pom files
 + 408642 setContentType from addHeader
 + 408662 In pax-web servlet services requests even if init() has not finished
 + 408709 refactor test-webapp's chat application. Now there's only a single
   request for user login and initial chat message.
 + 408720 NPE in AsyncContext.getRequest()
 + 408723 Jetty Maven plugin reload ignores web.xml listeners
 + 408768 JSTL jars not scanned by jetty-ant
 + 408771 Problem with ShutdownMonitor for jetty-ant
 + 408782 Transparent Proxy - rewrite URL is ignoring query strings.
 + 408806 getParameter returns null on Multipart request if called before
 + 408904 Enhance CommandlineBuilder to not escape strings inside single quotes
 + 408909 GzipFilter setting of headers when reset and/or not compressed
 + 408910 META-INF/jetty-webapp-context.xml file should be able to refer to
   bundle-relative locations
 + 408923 Need to be able to configure the ThreadPool for the default jetty
   server in osgi
 + 408945 XML Args ignored without DTD
 + 409012 added reference to example rewrite rules
 + 409133 Empty <welcome-file> causes StackOverflowError
 + 409228 Set jetty.home property so config files work even if deployed inside
   a bundle
 + 409403 fix IllegalStateException when SPDY is used and the response is
   written through BufferUtil.writeTo byte by byte
 + 409436 NPE on context restart using dynamic servlet registration
 + 409441 jetty.xml threadpool arg injection
 + 409449 Ensure servlets, filters and listeners added via dynamic
   registration, annotations or descriptors are cleaned on context restarts
 + 409545 Change HttpChannel contract
 + 409556 Resource files not closed
 + 409598 spdy: Fix NPE when a broken client tried to create duplicate stream
 + 409684 Ids and properties not set for execution of jetty xml config files
   with mvn plugin
 + 409796 fix intermittent test issue in
   ReferrerPushStrategy.testResourceOrder. Happened when the client got closed
   before the server finished sending all data frames. Client waits now until
   all data is received.
 + 409801 Jetty should allow webdefault to be specified using a relative
   location when running in OSGi
 + 409842 Suspended request completed by a request thread does not set read
 + 409953 return buffer.slice() instead of buffer.asReadOnlyBuffer() in
   ResourceCache to avoid using inefficent path in BufferUtil.writeTo
 + 409978 Websocket shouldn't create HttpSession if not present
 + 410083 Jetty clients submits incomplete URL to proxy.
 + 410098 inject accept-encoding header for all http requests through SPDY as
   SPDY clients MUST support spdy. Also remove two new tests that have been to
   implementation agnostic and not needed anymore due to recent code changes
 + 410175 WebSocketSession#isSecure() doesn't return true for SSL session on
   the server side
 + 410246 HttpClient with proxy does not tunnel HTTPS requests.
 + 410337 throw EofException instead of EOFException in HttpOutput.write() if
   HttpOutpyt is closed
 + 410341 suppress stacktraces that happen during test setup shutdown after
   successful test run
 + 410370 WebSocketCreator.createWebSocket() should use servlet specific
 + 410372 Make SSL client certificate information available to server
 + 410386 WebSocket Session.getUpgradeRequest().getRequestURI() returns bad URI
   on server side
 + 410405 Avoid NPE for requestDispatcher(../)
 + 410469 UpgradeRequest is sent twice when using SSL, one fails warning about
 + 410498 ignore type of exception in GoAwayTest.testDataNotProcessedAfterGoAway
 + 410522 jetty start broken for command line options
 + 410537 Exceptions during @OnWebSocketConnect not reported to
 + 410559 Removed FillInterest race
 + 410630 MongoSessionManager conflicting session update op
 + 410693 ServletContextHandler.setHandler does not relink handlers - check for
 + 410750 NoSQLSessions: implement session context data persistence across
   server restarts
 + 410799 errors while creating push streams in HttpTransportOverSPDY are now
   logged to debug instead of warn
 + 410893 async support defaults to false for spec created servlets and filters
 + 410911 Continuation isExpired handling.
 + 410995 Avoid reverse DNS lookups when creating SSLEngines.
 + 411061 fix cookie handling in spdy. If two different HTTP headers with the
   same name are set, they should be translated to a single multiheader value
   according to:
   That applies for Set-Cookie headers for example. Before this changed
   duplicate header names have overwritten the previous one
 + 411135 HttpClient may send proxied https requests to the proxy instead of
   the target server.
 + 411340 add comment why executeOnFillable defaults to true
 + 411545 SslConnection.DecryptedEndpoint.fill() sometimes misses a few network

Joakim Erdfelt <[hidden email]>
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