6.1.12.rc3 released!

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6.1.12.rc3 released!

Jesse McConnell
I have the 6.1.12.rc3 release out now and the bundles are available at


If nothing major crops up in the next week or with this release the 6.1.12 release will happen shortly afterwards.

The resolved issues are:

jetty-6.1.12.rc3 10 October 2008
 + JETTY-241 Support for web application overlays in rapid application developme
nt (jetty:run)
 + JETTY-686 LifeCycle.Listener
 + JETTY-715 AJP key size
 + JETTY-716 NPE for empty cometd message
 + JETTY-718 during ssl unwrap, return true if some bytes were read, even if und
 + JETTY-720 fix HttpExchange.waitForStatus
 + JETTY-721 Support wildcard in VirtualHosts configuration
 + JETTY-722 jndi related threadlocal not cleared after deploying webapp
 + JETTY-723 jetty.sh does not check if TMP already is set
 + JETTY-725 port JETTY-708 (jndi scoping) to jetty-6
 + JETTY-730 set SAX parser features to defaults
 + JETTY-731 DeliverListener for cometd
 + JETTY-732 Case Sensitive Basic Authentication Response Header Implementations
 + JETTY-736 Client Specific cometd advice
 + JETTY-738 If jetty.sh finds a pid file is does not check to see if a process
with that pid is still running
 + JETTY-739 Race in QueuedThreadPool
 + JETTY-742 Private messages in cometd chat demo


jesse mcconnell
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