Jetty provides an HTTP server, HTTP client, and javax.servlet container.
These components are open source and available for commercial use and distribution.
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A mail list for the Jetty team to announce new versions of Jetty and events related to Jetty. Subscribe to this list if you are interested in this information. Please be aware that only Jetty committers can make announcements, so all other subscribers please do not post to this list. 39 45
by Jesse McConnell-5
A mail list for user discussion. 1068 3558
by Simone Bordet-2
A mail list for developer discussion. It's a place, where Jetty committers, contributors and integrators discuss all topics related to project development. 347 1127
by Joakim Erdfelt-9
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by Jesse McConnell-5
The jetty-discuss mailing list is for discussion about Jetty development, integration and issues.  Support and general help postings should go to Jetty Support. 4686 12746
by Jesse McConnell-5
The jetty-support mailing list is for general usage, help and informal support.
Discussion about Jetty development, integration and issues should go to Jetty Discuss.
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by Jesse McConnell-5